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Blind School in Bangalore

About Us

In a developing country like India, only about 2 % of visually impaired children have access to proper education. Lack of awareness, widespread ignorance, unhygienic conditions, lack of nutrition, accidents, pre-natal and post-natal care, lack of proper health facilities and many other reasons lead to disabilities. The existing social, physical, and attitudinal barriers further increase the challenges faced by visually impaired persons. There is a mere awareness about the schemes, rights, and facilities available for these people. Economic empowerment and proper education can assure their rights. Considering these factors, Rakum school, a Blind Orphanage in Bangalore strives hard to redress the requirements of visually challenged persons within the community.

Rakum school is a well-known Blind Association in Bangalore that works to enrich the lives of visually challenged children. Started two decades before with just three students, Rakum school is functioning as a charitable trust in Bangalore and a ray of hope for the visually impaired. The members of the organization were inspired by the thoughtfulness and simplicity of the great guru Shri Rakumji, founder of the school. The school was founded by Rakumji in order to breakdown the social barriers. It is one of the top NGO for Blind in Bangalore that provide equal opportunities for the visually challenged students.

The school focuses on creating a sustainable and bright future for the visually impaired children through self-empowerment, holistic education, and skill development. Commitment, hard work, and single-minded devotion to the noble cause are the key reasons for being best blind school in India.The school encourages and nurtures the visually impaired and economically deprived children. With support from the patrons, the school offers free education, free boarding and decent lifestyle for the visually impaired children and for those who are from economically deprived sections.

We provide services in the field of education, health, and socio-economic rehabilitation to the people from rural and urban areas. Life-Skill therapies and interactive learning programs empower special children to develop as self-reliant adults. Being one of the top blind school in Bangalore, we believe in a barrier-free and rights-based society which allows the visually impaired children to live life to the fullest. We are the proficient school for blind children in Bangalore for providing education along with vocational training and rehabilitation, accommodation, social empowerment, and livelihood support. These services are provided at free of cost by the school to the beneficiaries in spite of the lack of funds.

Only Education can turn Misery into Hope

Let this abandoned children discover their path to education . At Rakum there are hundreds of children who are in need of basic needs to be fulfilled. At Rakum school they have never felt away from home , as the care and audience of Rakumji helps them to break the barriers of hostility. Extend your help by letting this kids get education and livelihood through your donation Online. Your donation can be a life-changing reward to children as they can get access to education, daily needs, food, health care to live their childhood like other children in the world.

They never knew that they are visually impaired , as they are blind by birth, so don’t’ let the world neglect their participation in the society, let them also get access to education, and other benefits a child should have. Inorder to let them boldly face the challenges of the world , they should attain education and must be able to get good job in their future. Their parents have abandoned them because of their disability, but let us all not follow their footsteps by neglecting them again , as this might shatter their self confidence. Let them believe in the world , that some where some one is there to care for their future , a single act of showing your kindness through donation can help a child develop its self esteem and confidence by stepping into the world fearlessly and courageously.

To us being blind means visualizing darkness, to them being blind is the way of life, and they never know the difference of being blind and being sighted. So let us not sympathize their loss, rather let us join hands in celebrating life with them, by making them feel comfortable and by accepting them as one of us. Your donation can make them fight against discrimination, loss, insecurity and illiteracy.

Let us believe in the fact that, purpose of life does not mean just developing one’s family alone, it can also mean lifting up other lives, who are in need . Giving hope to some one is the greatest blessing that you would ever receive. When you give, your not just giving, your lifting up the life of someone who is in no way connected to you. And that takes a great heart !. The word Charity was not introduced to receive , it was introduced to help, give , and share with someone who are in need, when we have that thing coming into lives unasked. Giving needs a great heart and receiving needs a great strength, so lets join hands in giving this underprivileged children the gift of life which is education through donation.

Help a child discover joy of learning by joining our efforts to give every child a freedom of education.

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Breakfast - Rs.2,000 / for 100 StudentsLunch - Rs. 15,000Dinner - Rs. 5,000Other Amount:


No Of Students : 500

  • Breakfast - Rs.2,000 / for 100 Students
  • Lunch - Rs. 15,000
  • Dinner - Rs. 5,000

Note : Weekends and Holidays lunch is Rs.5,000


No Of Students : 100

  • Breakfast - Rs. 2,000
  • Lunch - Rs. 5,000
  • Dinner - Rs. 5,000


No Of Students : 100

  • Breakfast - Rs.500
  • Lunch - Rs. 1,000
  • Dinner - Rs. 500

Note : Breakfast and Dinner is for students residing at the school

  • Sponsor a Child (Per Year) - Rs.3,000
  • Sponsor a Child's Education (Per Year) - Rs.600

Rakum school is now raising funds for the following four areas.

Food to children and the caretaker
Uniform to the students
School functioning and incidental expenses
Infrastructure such as setting school building, laboratories, etc.

In order to simplify the donation process, we at Rakum school offer various kinds of donation procedures such as sponsoring a child, sponsoring a child’s education, sponsor breakfast for 1 to all 3 units, sponsoring a day’s meal, sponsor lunch, sponsor dinner, sponsor on occasions such as birthdays, wedding days, etc.